Detective Gallo, a Point and Click Adventure Game, Launches Next Week on Nintendo Switch and PS4

Detective Gallo is a comic-noir point-and-click adventure starring a grumpy private eye rooster. What fowl play will this plucky protagonist uncover?

on August 10, 2018 9:39 AM

From Italian studio Footprints Games and publisher Adventure Productions comes a puzzle-based adventure in which you take on the role of  Detective Gallo; a rooster noir detective, out to solve the unusual mystery surrounding the decease of five beloved plants, needlessly murdered. As Gallo follows this case, he comes across some strange characters and puzzles that will put his intuition and composure to the test.

Detective Gallo is a great game for kids given its non-violent adventure and it’s influenced by classic cartoons to give the adults something to feel nostalgic over too who also miss those point&click adventure games of the past. As you progress, you have the opportunity to meet lots of incredible characters, all hand-animated, frame-by-frame. There’s a lot to keep the player busy as you stumble upon dozens of logical puzzles and quests. Solving crimes can get stressful, so lucky for you this game offers over 50 minutes of an original pure jazz-noir soundtrack.

Footprints Games also fully dubbed Detective Gallo in English and Italian, with multi-language support, but it doesn’t end there as it also supports the touch screen on Nintendo Switch, giving you an even more interactive experience. Not forgetting the PlayStation 4, full mouse support has been added to better replicate that point and click feeling.

Check out Detective Gallo brand new trailer below as well as some interesting screenshots

Detective Gallo is available for preorder today on Nintendo Switch and will launch next week on 14 / 15 August on PlayStation 4 (America / Europe) and on August 17 on Nintendo Switch.

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