Detective Pikachu Has “Leaked,” But the Leak is Not Quite What You Think It Is

Detective Pikachu Has “Leaked,” But the Leak is Not Quite What You Think It Is

With just a few days to go until Detective Pikachu's release, Ryan Reynolds is having a bit of fun with a "leak" of the film on Twitter.

With just a few more days until it hits theaters, anticipation for the upcoming Detective Pikachu — the first big debut into live-action film for the video game franchise — has been building higher and higher, but thanks to Ryan Reynolds, the movie has officially “leaked”…sort of. Well, not quite.

Over on Twitter, Detective Pikachu star Ryan Reynolds shared a tweet that supposedly points to a “full movie leak” of the film before its arrival later this week, coming from a Twitter account with the handle “@InspectrPikachu”.


Naturally, it isn’t quite at all a legitimate leak of the film, but instead a fake leak to promote the movie, with Reynolds quote-tweeting a YouTube leak. However, while it might not be a full leak of the entire movie, the YouTube link does work and direct viewers to…well, I wouldn’t want to spoil what it actually is and would rather you experience it on your own.

Given the buzz and anticipation that has been building around Detective Pikachu, it’s a fun and cheeky way to promote the film through the supposed “leak,” and fits pretty well with the vibe and humor of the movie, at least what we’ve seen from it so far. I’m planning to see the movie myself this Friday and as a long-time Pokemon fan, I can’t wait to see the series in one of its wildest forms yet.

Detective Pikachu officially hits theaters on May 10, 2019.