Detective Pikachu’s Latest Trailer Shows Off a Really Nasty Looking Lickitung

Detective Pikachu’s Latest Trailer Shows Off a Really Nasty Looking Lickitung

A new trailer for Detective Pikachu has arrived and these Pokemon continue to creep me out more and more every time I see them.

A brief new trailer for Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming live-action film Detective Pikachu has today been released, and it features a few new glimpses of some of the many Pokemon that will be appearing in the movie.

The new trailer is only about 30 seconds in length and for the most part, it shows off many of the same pieces of footage that we’ve already seen in previous trailers. This includes Charizard, a group of Bulbasaur, and yes, even more Mr. Mime who continues to creep me out.

That being said, we do see a few new Pokemon, most notably that of Lickitung — and it looks disgusting. Look, Lickitung is already a really gross Pokemon. It basically just goes around licking everything in sight which I’d have to guess isn’t only unsanitary, but it’s just weird. The Lickitung that we see in this Detective Pikachu trailer looks especially gross with its tongue unfurling in front of the main character, Tim. Maybe my childhood dreams of Pokemon existing in the real world was actually a bad thing to want all along.

Other than this gross Lickitung, the only other new Pokemon I think we see in this trailer is that of Growlithe, which can be seen sitting at a table to the left of the screen at the 0:13-second mark. Even though I think most of the Pokemon in this Detective Pikachu movie look kind of weird, Growlithe still looks like a very good boy. I’d definitely take a real-life version of that fire doggo if I could.

You can check out the new trailer attached below if you’d like. Detective Pikachu releases in theaters later this year on May 10.