Portal Games Pull Back the Curtain on Detective: Season One

Detective: Season One takes the excellent theming and gameplay from Portal's original game in the series and reimplements in fun, new ways.

By Ricky Frech

March 2, 2020

Detective: Season One is an all-new reimplementation of Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. The game is a fully cooperative immersive detective mystery that plays anywhere from 1-5 players. The original version was very well-received, winning numerous awards from places like The Dice Tower and Board Game Geek. Hopefully, this follow-up can live up to the high bar the original set.

Today’s update finally gives us a look at the three cases that come with season one. One of the cases, Natural Causes, was previously published as a free demo for the base game. During the upcoming pre-order campaign, Portal Games will reveal a special surprise for this case to make it worthwhile for players who have already played through it.

As for the other cases, Blood, Ink, and Tears takes place in Great Britain. Players will need to sleuth through an old mansion as they solve a mysterious death in a case Portal says will remind you of an Agatha Christie novel. Solid Alibi is the last case and tosses into the middle of a gang war in “the Italian district”. It’s not super clear if that means it’s in Italy or just an Italian section of a town. I would assume the latter, but either way, the case sounds intriguing.

Finally, to give new players an easy way to get into the game, Portal is putting out a new demo case to take Natural Causes place. Suburbia will now fill that role as a 90-minute case that lets you try the game system out before you try it.

Detective: Season One is coming in 2020. Portal Games will soon ramp up a pre-order campaign for their latest board game. So, stay tuned for updates.

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