Detroit: Become Human — David Cage Talks About the Creation of the Future Detroit on PS4

Detroit: Become Human — David Cage Talks About the Creation of the Future Detroit on PS4

Detroit Become Human's fourth protagonist is the city of Detroit. David Cage talks about the process of creating such a fascinating and grounded setting.

In my hands-on preview of Detroit: Become Human, I mentioned how the city of Detroit is basically the third protagonist o the game, and that’s exactly the concept that Director David Cage explains in a new video published today by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

In the brief clip, Cage talks about the creation of the setting, how the development team labored to imagine how the android technology would impact society, from the job market to culture, including sports and music.


It all was done without turning the city into a sci-fi setting, as everything feels very believable and grounded.

Even having played only two hours, I can definitely connect with what Cage says, because the attention to detail was astonishing. I found myself taking time out of my preview allowance to read newspapers, just because the world of Detroit: Become Human was so fascinating and well depicted in all of its facets.

My personal digressions aside, you can watch the video below. You can also read what the Lead Writer told us about the story.

Detroit: Become Human will release exclusively for PS4 on May 25th, 2018. You still have time to pre-order the game before its launch, and you can reserve your copy via Amazon.

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