Detroit: Become Human Devs Quantic Dream Tease a New Announcement

Detroit: Become Human Devs Quantic Dream Tease a New Announcement

Quantic Dream has taken to Twitter to thank fans for their support and also cheekily tease them with "some great news" that's on the way

It’s been a pretty great year for Quantic Dream due to their massively successful title Detroit: Become Human selling more than 2 million copies since its launch on May 25, 2018, and it looks as though they’re only just getting started with plans on further success coming into 2019.

The French developer took to Twitter today to not only thank fans for the amazing year they have just had but to also announce that they will be sharing some great news with everyone very soon and to stay tuned for further developments.

Of course, it’s just speculation right now that it could be a new DLC for Detroit: Become Human as David Cage did say after all that they hadn’t crossed out implementing it or a more interesting take on the tweet had fans saying that Quantic Dream had been acquired by Sony, but until we hear more news from the studio themselves I can bet that the rumor mill will be working over-time!

We will, of course, keep you up to date with any further announcements so watch this space.

Take a look at our review of Detroit: Become Human which you can read here, and if you still haven’t experienced the title yet, go now and pick it up – there’s a reason it made it into my personal top 10 games of 2018 – right here via Amazon.

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