Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, and Beyond: Two Souls PC Version Release Dates Announced

All three past Quantic Dreams will also be receiving demos on PC prior to launch.

May 16, 2019

After announcing that Detroit: Become HumanHeavy Rain, and Beyond: Two Souls would all be coming to PC later this year, Quantic Dream has today revealed just when all three titles will be launching.

All three games won’t be arriving at once and will instead be staggered out throughout the rest of the year in the same chronological order in which they originally released. This means that Heavy Rain will be the first game hitting PC and it will arrive next month on June 24. The following month on July 27, Beyond: Two Souls will then drop. As for Detroit: Become Human, the latest Quantic Dream title doesn’t have a specific date just yet, but instead is said to be launching in the fall 2019 window.


In addition to these launch dates, all three games will receive demos prior to releasing. The first of these, with Heavy Rain, will be coming next week on May 24. Beyond: Two Souls will have its demo drop on June 27 with Detroit: Become Human’s said to be arriving in the summer.

Lastly, as of today, all three Quantic Dream games are now available for pre-purchase if you’d like to snag them ahead of time. If you want to head over to the Epic Games Store, the exclusive platform that will be making all three games available for purchase, you can do so now and lock in your pre-order.

And if you’re looking to bide your time until all three of these games come to PC, you can check out the new trailer below to get brief glimpses of the PC version of each title.

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