Quantic Dream's PS4 Exclusive Detroit: Become Human Gets a Batch of Beautiful New Screenshots in 4K

Check out a slab of new Detroit: Become Human screenshots courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Following Sony’s E3 2017 press conference where a lengthy new trailer for Detroit: Become Human was released, but notably no release date was provided, the aforementioned Sony Interactive Entertainment has published a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming game from developer Quantic Dream.

The new screenshots notably show off a variety of different things: including the destruction of the android revolution, the game’s main characters, hostage situations, and more.

Detroit: Become Human is in development exclusively for the PS4. It currently is without a release date. Below, you can find an overview of the game, followed by the new screenshots:

Enter a tense vision of future Detroit where humans and androids maintain a fragile co-existence and the decisions that you make build the story around you.

Explore the numerous possible fates of each character and guide them through a branching narrative that forces them to confront complex personal dilemmas and ultimately question the very nature of their existence.

Each decision you make drives the story ahead resulting in consequences both minor and catastrophic. A poorly judged situation could cost someone their life and no-one gets a second chance. Think carefully about the moves you make, stay alert and try to stay alive – the instinct to survive, after all, is what makes us human.

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