Detroit: Become Human Gets New Lengthy Trailer Revealing Another Playable Character Called Marcus

Meet Marcus, leader of the Android rebellion, in new Detroit: Become Human E3 2017 trailer.

on June 12, 2017 9:53 PM

Today, during Sony Interactive Entertainment’s E3 2017 press conference neo-noir thriller Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dream — the team behind Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls — received a lengthy new trailer showing off a decent amount of the game, and revealing another playable character, leader of the Android rebellion: Marcus.

As you may know, Detroit: Become Human is derived from Qunatic Dream’s 2012 tech demo Kara. The game was first announced at in October 2015 during Sony’s presser at Paris Games Week, but it notably began the process of development years earlier. Notably a new engine was built to complement the game, hundreds of actors were casted in a year-and-a-half long process of animation and shooting, and the game’s script apparently took more than two years for director David Cage to write, and was 20 times more complicated than any previous script the director had written.

The game itself revolves around several playable characters, all of whom are said to be androids. Among them is Kara, who escapes the factory she was in looking to explore the limits of her sentience and Conor, whose job is it to hunt down rogue androids, such as Kara. Like any Qunatic Dream game characters can survive or perish depending on the choices you make throughout the game, all which shape the story and lead to multiple different endings.

The following overview of the game is provided:

Enter a tense vision of future Detroit where humans and androids maintain a fragile co-existence and the decisions that you make build the story around you.

Explore the numerous possible fates of each character and guide them through a branching narrative that forces them to confront complex personal dilemmas and ultimately question the very nature of their existence.

Each decision you make drives the story ahead resulting in consequences both minor and catastrophic. A poorly judged situation could cost someone their life and no-one gets a second chance. Think carefully about the moves you make, stay alert and try to stay alive – the instinct to survive, after all, is what makes us human.

Detroit: Become Human is in development exclusively for the PS4 and is currently without a release date. Below, you can check out the new trailer:

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