Detroit: Become Human Gets a New Trailer at Paris Games Week

Detroit: Become Human Gets a New Trailer at Paris Games Week

A brand new trailer for Quantic Dream's new title Detroit: Become Human was shown at Paris Games Week featuring one of the game's protagonists Kara.

Sci-fi fans rejoice! The neo-noir adventure title Detroit: Become Human gets a brand new trailer was shown at Paris Games Week showcasing its unique gameplay and intriguing plot.

The video showcases the troubling relationship between the android Kara, Todd, and his daughter Alice. Additionally, the many choices you can make as Kara are exemplified with some horrific results. An altercation can end in a girl’s escape from her abusive father, or the death of Alice or Todd.

Detroit: Become Human is the newest title from the minds at Quantic Dream, makers of Indigo ProphecyHeavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Known for its cinematic gameplay, the developer is bringing another thriller to PlayStation players. Set in the futuristic city of Detroit, you will play as three androids — Kara, Connor, and Markus — as you unfold their stories. As shown in the trailer below, depending on how you play, each protagonist can live or die by how you react and finish each interaction with the environment and its people.

Since Detroit: Become Human was revealed back in 2015, tons of trailers and gameplay videos have been released giving us a good look of the cinematic sci-fi title.

Detroit: Become Human will launch for PlayStation 4 in Spring 2018.