Detroit: Become Human Will Apparently Release In 2018

Detroit: Become Human Will Apparently Release In 2018

PS4 exclusive from developer Quantic Dream, Detroit: Become Human, will apparently ship sometime next year according to the game's director David Cage.

During last week’s Sony Interactive Entertainment E3 2017 presser, Detroit: Become Human from developer Quantic Dream received a new trailer that revealed the third and final playable character in the game: Marcus. However, notably what the trailer didn’t include was a release date or release window, much to the disappointment of many fans hoping to get their hands on the neo-noir thriller soon.

However, the game’s director David Cage has now revealed to GameSpot that the title will ship sometime next year, 2018. When exactly, wasn’t divulged, and why Sony opted to not sticker 2018 at the end of above mentioned trailer, isn’t quite clear.

As you may know, Detroit: Become Human is derived from Quantic Dream’s 2012 tech demo Kara. It was first announced back in in 2015, but had began development years earlier. The game notably features a newly-built engine just for the game and a script that apparently took more than two years for director David Cage to write, and was 20 times more complicated than any previous script the director had written. Further, it also boasts some Hollywood stars, such as Jesse Williams and Minka Kelly, who, were again, revealed in the aforementioned trailer.

In Detroit: Become Human you will play three different characters: Kara, a recently escaped Android; Marcus, leader of the Android Rebellion; and Conor, whose job is it to hunt down rogue androids, such as Kara and Marcus.

The game takes place in a futuristic Detroit setting, in a tense future where humans and androids maintain a fragile co-existence. In the game you will explore the numerous possible fates of each character as you guide them through a large, branching narrative that will force them to confront personal dilemmas and ponder the nature of their existence.

As you would expect with a Quantic Dream game, each decision you make drives the story ahead resulting in consequences both minor and catastrophic. The characters in the game can die, and no-one gets a second chance.

Detroit: Become Human is in development exclusively for the PS4, and will apparently *fingers crossed* ship sometime next year. If you want, you can check more of the game via 15 minutes of new gameplay footage and its latest batch of 4K screenshots.