Deus Ex Developer Looking to Add Multiplayer to Game’s Engine

Deus Ex Developer Looking to Add Multiplayer to Game’s Engine

A job listing on Eidos Montreal's website suggests the company's next game will have some kind of multiplayer feature.

A job listing on Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal’s website hints that the company may be looking to add some kind of multiplayer support into the development engine they use.

Some specific qualifications on the listing included:

  • Design and implement network systems for use in the Dawn Engine.
  • Support development teams to integrate and use multiplayer features.
  • Passionate about video games, being a multiplayer gamer is an asset.
  • Experience with PS4 and Xbox One development.

The Dawn Engine was most recently used in Eidos’ Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The company revealed the engine back in 2014 saying it will be used as, “the cornerstone for all Deus Ex universe projects.”

The developer is very well known for their triple A single-player experiences, ranging from Tomb Raider, Thief, and Deus Ex.

Some fans are speculating that they could be looking into multiplayer for their upcoming Avengers game. The Avengers project currently has no release date as of right now though nor have we seen much of it since its reveal. Eidos may even be looking into a new Deus Ex game. Although sales of Mankind Divided weren’t stellar for the company even though it was well received by many critics

We probably won’t know for quite some time.