Deus Ex Gameplay Director Apologizes for Crappy Boss Fights

on March 7, 2012 10:00 PM

A universally cited low point for last year’s hit game Deus Ex: Human Revolution was the boss fights, which have been called cheap, repetitive and just about every other name in the book. The team responsible for the game does not deny a lack of quality in this particular area; they’ve even gone on the record and cited the boss fights as a weakness in the game once before.┬áToday, however, gameplay director Francois Lapikas has issued a straight up apology.

Lapikas admits that the team recognized the boss fights as problematic, but not too much so. Or so they thought. He confesses that he is “truly sorry” about the way things turned out, before promising that special attention will be paid this component in any future Deus Ex games. Everyone who has played it agrees that DE is still very much worth playing despite the less-than-stellar bosses, but it is nice to see devs stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for shortcomings in their games. Eidos has my applause.

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