Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gives You Three Ways to Play

By Danl Haas

March 26, 2011

The Deus Ex series was always lauded for its ability to give players real choice about how they tackle their objectives, and as evidenced by this trailer, Human Revolution will be no different.

The new all-gameplay all the time trailer shows the three general ways the player can go about a basic objective: capturing this sinister looking dude in the eyepatch. You can be aggressive, blasting through your enemies with all manner of murder tactics, you can be stealthy, sneaking around Splinter Cell style, or adaptive, using your environment to get the job done for you. Regardless, it all looks like a blast, so check out he trailer after the jump.

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Danl Haas

Danl is a home-grown Minnesotan gamer, artist, and programmer. He loves rhythm games, RTS, and platformers. He loves building computers, too. His favorite games include Phoenix Wright, Dance Dance Revolution, and Katamari Damacy.

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