Deus Ex Modders Finalize Their Reinvention Of a Classic

on December 2, 2012 10:48 AM

It’s hard enough to make a game that people will care about when it comes out, much less win any awards. It’s even harder to create a game that people will remember years later, much less one that has a group of fans so hardcore, they’re still making updates and enhancing graphics over a decade later. New Vision is a group of those fans that set out to update the original Deus Ex’s environment.¬†Version 1.5 of New Vision will be the final release, and if you look above for a moment at what they’ve managed to squeeze out of a game made in the year 2000, it’s fairly impressive.

The mod primarily focuses on the game environments, and updating them to a level where they would be considered more acceptable by today’s standards. It’s no Skyrim, but it certainly makes the game less painful to look at when you’re replaying it for the millionth time. ¬†After five years the team behind New Vision is calling it’s work finished, and if you take a look at their ModDB gallery, you can see why. They’ve taken the game a long way from it’s humble origins and made the environments far more lifelike.

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