Dev Diary Walks Us Through the Development Process for Capital Ship Battle in Elite: Dangerous

on October 6, 2013 12:02 PM

Frontier Developments has been hard at work and has released a new dev diary for Elite: Dangerous to show for it. In this video co-creator David Braben walks us through a previous trailer featuring a titanic battle between two gigantic spaceships.

Since the release of the previous trailer people had many concerns the trailer was pre-rendered. Braben, goes to great lengths to reassure people the ships were flying on pre-set paths proving that artists could make sure things looked like they were supposed to from a given angle. Barden he also reminds people the few incidences at which after-effects were added such as lens flares and heat effects.

Braben goes on to discuss the world of Elite: Dangerous and why each ship is designed differently. For example, the Imperial shipyards-built vessel is designed for luxury, which is why there is a rotating section that provides artificial gravity. Federal ships, are built for functionality and have inward-facing hangars so that their fighters can’t get picked off before they get up to speed.

Elite: Dangerous will release in 2014 and for PC and Mac.

You can watch the video below.

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