Developer Announces Game Based on His Own Personal Experience With Cancer and Treatment

Developer Announces Game Based on His Own Personal Experience With Cancer and Treatment

Overcome Studios has released a trailer on their new and upcoming performer that highlights the struggles the developer went through when he was diagnosed with cancer

Overcome Studios, which is run by Kabir Lal in New Delhi, India has announced his brand new title called Overcome which lets players experience the challenges the developer had to face in his battle with cancer at the tender age of 19.

The 2D platformer, which is the studios first game, draws from Kabir’s own experience from being diagnosed with cancer and the treatment he had to endure that included chemotherapy, radiotherapy and ultimately the breakup of his relationship. Overcome is an extremely challenging platformer laced in grief and how that grief changes your perception of the world. The soundtrack was meticulously chosen to express emotion through music which echoes the developers own feelings at the time of his illness.

In Overcome, it is up to the player to evade, block, and fight their way through four demanding levels where each level will feel and look different to the last and with brand new enemies to defeat, but the player will have to find a new way to bring them down on each level they come across.

“Throughout my childhood, video games provided me with beautiful worlds to escape into during hard times,” Lal writes. “I always used to come away feeling better after playing them, so this medium seemed like the most obvious way to convey my own experiences and feelings, while at the same time help others going through similar situations, by sharing my own story.”

For fans of the hugely successful Celeste will notice the same undercurrents in this title due to its difficulty and also its tie in with mental health and struggle.

Overcome is set to release on PC next month and for any more information about the studio or Kabir Lal, you can head on over to their website.

Check out the announcement trailer below for Overcome –