Developer Behind Nuclear Throne Reveals Untitled Game at PAX West

Developer Behind Nuclear Throne Reveals Untitled Game at PAX West

The developers behind Nuclear Throne are showing off the next untitled project at PAX West.

According to an article from IGN, the developers behind Shoot’em up Nuclear Throne (Vlambeer) have revealed their next game on the show floor of PAX West.

As of right now, the game is untitled. But we’ve gotten some new details on just exactly what the new title may play like. In the demo, players shoot with one button and move with the directional keys on a keyboard. While the control scheme is seemingly simple it sounds like the game isn’t anything short of difficult.

The ship that you play as automatically aims itself at the nearest enemies making it so you cannot aim as you move. Furthermore, whenever players kill an enemy, that said enemy will leave some sort of green space matter behind and when your ship gets far enough away from it, it’ll spawn more enemies. Eventually, the screen can be filled to the brim with different types of enemies, but if you’re a shoot’em up fan, this isn’t anything new.

As of right now, we don’t know much else about the untitled game. In the screenshots down below, courtesy of IGN, you can see a high score system and it appears that players will be able to unlock more ships as well. Obviously, with the game still early in development so much can change, so take what you see with a grain of salt. If anything else about the game is revealed during PAX West, you can be sure that we’ll report on it.