A Developer Behind Yoshi’s Crafted World Comments on the Game’s Difficulty

A Developer Behind Yoshi’s Crafted World Comments on the Game’s Difficulty

Yoshi's Crafted World is a delightful, creative, yet easy experience and one of the game's developers commented on the game's difficulty.

Just last month, Yoshi’s Crafted World released on the Nintendo Switch to mostly good review scores. Most reviewers have stated that the game is a pleasant and enjoyable romp for anyone and everyone. Since this sentiment has been echoed by about everyone has played the game, it comes to no surprise that the developers wanted to make the game approachable to all players.

In the latest issue of Nintendo Dream, Yoshi’s Crafted World assistant producer Nobuo Matsumiya explained the thought process on the difficulty of the title as well as the challenge and replayability factor that comes in if players wanted to collect all of the collectibles. Matsumiya stated:

“While there may be some players wanting the same play challenge as Yoshi’s Island, I think there may also be players who want to enjoy the world but find the gameplay bewildering.”

What resonates about his comments are how they wanted players to the creative world they created, and I don’t blame him. The aesthetic of Yoshi’s Crafted World is one of the most creative and coolest art styles I have seen in the last few years. You can really see how the developers wanted players to explore the world and search all of the nooks and crannies. When asked how difficult did they make the game, Matsumiya responded:

“Because we want people to enjoy the Yoshi world we have created, we were aiming for a difficulty that allows players to have fun. Even though the game is designed around collecting flowers in order to advance to the next area, within each course it’s not only about the flowers but also the Poochy puppies on the reverse side, as well as finding all those crafting materials. That means players can play the levels over and over to collect everything.”

To me, it seems as if they believed a harder difficulty would detract from the atmosphere the developers were trying to create. Which I can respect. If I am bashing my head against a wall trying to beat a level, I spend less time taking in the characteristics of the game and spend more time wanting to chuck my controller out the window.

However, I do believe that a more challenging experience would help the Yoshi and Kirby titles critically a bit. But who knows, that’s just, like, my opinion man. Maybe I just need to realize the newer Yoshi and Kirby titles aren’t developed for me personally and I just need to go back and play Yoshi’s island again.