Developer Creative Assembly is Hiring Staff For A New First Person Title

Developer Creative Assembly is Hiring Staff For A New First Person Title

Creative Assembly is in search of programmers with artistic prowess to help build on a new tactical first-person shooter.

A new secretive project has recently been revealed through the developer Creative Assembly’s careers page with a few different positions available. It is unsure what the new IP is at this time, but we know it will be a tactical first-person shooter.

The positions available for the new project are all labeled under “Console Team” and they include a technical artist, an animator, a lead environment artist and a senior UI artist. We reported on Creative Assembly starting a new project a few years back after the release of Alien: Isolation, which makes it possible this has relation to their current search for new developers. Creative Assembly is the team behind the different Total War games as well as Alien: Isolation, and it is particularly the programmers behind Alien: Isolation that will be working on the aforementioned project.

Total War is a strategy game with an incredible amount of gameplay to draw from with its huge list of DLC, pulling content from themes such as Warhammer, Shoguns, Rome, Sparta, and even The Lord of The Rings through downloadable mods. Alien: Isolation drew from people’s fear of the dark with some trippy Xenomorph AI to build a new kind of experience for fans and newcomers to the Aliens IP. There is a lot of sneaking around and discreet gameplay while you pay close attention to scurrying sounds from ventilation ducts or strings of drool resting onto your shoulders.

If you want to check out Creative Assembly’s titles, then you can find Total War on PC. We have a review for Alien: Isolation if you would like to know more, and it is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Images from Creative Assembly’s careers page on the new programming positions can be seen below.