Nicalis Reveals Original Cave Story Graphics for Cave Story+

Nicalis Reveals Original Cave Story Graphics for Cave Story+

Nicalis made an announcement via Twitter–again– this time letting players know to expect the addition of original Cave Story graphics to the Nintendo Switch version.

Earlier today, developer Nicalis tweeted a photo of a Nintendo Switch playing Cave story+. This appears to mean that original Cave story graphics that the game had back on PC in 2011 are in development and are likely going to be added to the Switch’s version in a later update.

Reviews for Cave story+ have been largely positive, though one common thread among critics has been the fact that, in a remaster, the original graphics are not available if a player wants them. Though only a photo was shown, it may be something along the lines of the graphics shift similar to the one that is present in Monster Boy, also for the Nintendo Switch.

While this has previously been unannounced, Nicalis has a tendency to let these things slip over Twitter. This past January, they accidentally revealed that the Nintendo Switch had a “dark ui” mode. Who knows what they’re going to subtly announce next.

This isn’t the only good thing to happen to Cave story+ either. The game just received a physical release, priced at $29.99 on June 20. You can read more about the game as well as its past and physical release hereCave Story+ is available now for the Nintendo Switch.