Developer Spark Unlimited Ceases All Game Development, Lays Off All Employees

on May 5, 2015 2:13 AM

Spark Unlimited, developer of Lost Planet 3 and most recently, last year’s Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, has officially ceased all game development, cancelled all its games in progress, and laid off all of its employees.

The news was first rumored earlier today when a user on NeoGAF spotted the company’s assets on sale on asset liquidation website CMA Auctions.

Later in the day the news was confirmed by the company’s CTO, John Butrovich to multiple sources including Polygon and IGN, saying that “Spark Unlimited is closing as a video game developer. The ongoing opportunities for smaller mobile development doesn’t service the needs nor desires of Spark as an entity,” and that the company would continue on as a different kind of company as we know it focusing on “some new dynamic projects inside and outside of game development.”

Spark Unlimited’s Twitter account reflected the somber news a few hours ago as well.

Our very best of course goes out to all those developers affected by the layoffs.

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