Developer Would Face Significant Hurdles In Bringing Her Story To Wii U

on January 7, 2016 10:55 AM

Her Story is a unique blend of gameplay and narrative and was one of the most critically lauded games 0f 2015, picking up the Best Narrative and Best Performance awards at last year’s The Game Awards show. The game is currently available on Windows, Mac and iOS but an interview with developer Sam Barstow reveals that the game could very well come to the Wii U.

Barstow mentioned that the content is a “perfect match” for the system, stating that “the keyboard interface would actually work on a Wii U.” While the game’s creator shows interest in bringing his title to Nintendo’s latest home console, the additional ESRB licensing and certification would drive up costs, as well as Wii U development.

“Hmm, rough napkin math … I’d need a Wii U/ Unity person to code up the video plugin stuff and test and do anything Wii U specific (as far as I know, the Unity version of [Wii U] isn’t necessarily the latest version). So let’s say three to four months of a good coder … that’s about $15-20 thousand. The certification is about $2 thousand. I’d need a developer’s kit … that’s about $5 thousand. So we’re looking at about $30-40 thousand and that doesn’t account for my time. Let’s say I make $2 per copy sold. I’d need to sell 15-20 thousand copies, which is definitely not guaranteed.”

However, a crowdfunding effort or significant time devoted to the game’s appearance on the Wii U does not seem out of the picture, if support from fans is there.

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