Developers are Having an Easier Time Coding on PlayStation 5, Says Jim Ryan

In an interview with PlayStation's Jim Ryan, developers and publishers are having an easier time coding on PlayStation 5 than any other PlayStation console.

In an interview with, PlayStation’s CEO and President Jim Ryan says based on feedback from developers and publishers, the PlayStation 5 is the easist PlayStation platform to develop on.

“One thing that makes me particularly optimistic that what we’re hearing from developers and publishers, is the ease in which they are able to get code running on PlayStation 5 is way beyond any experience they’ve had on any other PlayStation platform.”

Ryan also talks about PlayStation’s desire to “become a more global organization.” He stresses that this doesn’t mean the company will become a more American organization. This is apparent with the recent news of Herman Hulst being PlayStation’s new head of their Worldwide Studios. Additionally, we shouldn’t expect to see titles that are specific to a certain country.

“The nature of AAA PlayStation 4 and certainly PlayStation 5 development…We’re not obviously going to have Worldwide Studios make a game for one specific European country,” continues Ryan. “And that might have been the case back in the PSP times with Invizimals [which was popular in Spain]. I think this will be where Shuhei Yoshida’s new task [of working with indies] will come in. If we are nimble, flexible, and global, we can work with smaller developers to allow those countries’ specific needs to be met.”

“When we look at this transition and the ambition to do things at a scale and pace that we haven’t seen, we have to look at ourselves and make certain changes,” continues Ryan. “Some of which are in the ways we work, and some in the way we organize.”

Jim Ryan also discusses major first-party titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part II may not come to PlayStation Now for the foreseeable future. Additionally, with Guerilla Games’ Herman Hulst being the new head of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida will lead a new indie-developer specific intiative.

As more news regarding the PlayStation 5 comes out, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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