Developing for the Nintendo 3DS is Three Times More Expensive than the DS

on November 19, 2010 9:00 PM

Developing for the Nintendo 3DS is Three Times More Expensive than the DS

Nintendo isn’t concerned about cost. It will spend as much as it needs to and doesn’t mind making consumers spend what they need to. The Nintendo 3DS will launch at $300, just in case I wasn’t making sense. A Japanese gaming site has discovered via financial records for Marvelous Entertainment that developers too will have to spend what they need to if they want in on the new handheld.

Within the records, they found that creating a game for the device could cost anywhere from 50 to 150 million yen or $600,000 to $1.800,000. Of course these costs vary, apparently on game content. The same site compared these costs to developing for the Nintendo DS last year. The average costs were between the Japanese equivalents of $53,000 and $537,000.

To better size this up, consider that PSP games usually cost as much as $710,000 and even Wii games cost as much as 1.4 million dollars to create. All I can say is I’m definitely not paying $50 for Nintendo 3DS games…unless Nintendo thinks I need to.


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