Devil May Cry 4 Hits the iPhone this Month

Devil May Cry 4 Hits the iPhone this Month


Now, just so we’re clear, I think that a lot of games can be remade for the iOS, but Devil May Cry 4 for HD consoles and the PC is not one of those games. Sure what I think doesn’t really matter and Capcom will still release it and the video I’ve embedded after the break shows it in action, but do all these things mean that it works?


Using a virtual joystick, players will platform, collect and experience points and as always, kick lots of demon ass in this new portable recreation. Since there are no shoulder buttons on iPods, I don’t know how you’ll make use of Nero’s mechanical sword or map any other controls, but that is actually the least of my worries. There are no physical buttons, so I simply won’t be able to play this. Devil May Cry 4 Refrain will hit the app store later this month for $6.99. Don’t forget to hit the break for the vid and the source for more info.

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