Devil May Cry 5 Director Wants to Make Rival Schools 3; Explains Why it Would Be Cool

Devil May Cry 5 Director Wants to Make Rival Schools 3; Explains Why it Would Be Cool

Few fighting game series are as charming as Capcom's Rival Schools; Hideaki Itsuno explains why it would be cool to release a third chapter.

Devil May Cry 5 Director Hideaki Itsuno is a legend among Capcom fans. His name is in the credits of many beloved games, and since he is finally managing to bring Devil May Cry back under the spotlight, I couldn’t resist asking him during a recent interview if he would personally like to do the same with other old and glorious franchises.

His answer, provided through Producer Matt Walker (who was handling the interpretation), was definitely pleasing.

“If I was allowed, I’d love to make Rival Schools 3, I’d love to make Dragon’s Dogma 2, Capcom vs SNK 3, Street Fighter Alpha 4, Power Stone 3… If I could, even Street Fighter 6 would be amazing.

But the big one… the one that we need to get resolution on is Rival Schools, because in Japan there are three years of high-school. We have seen the first two years for these kids, so the third one would be their last year in high-school. Wouldn’t that be cool? You end it on their graduation ceremony.”

At this point, I was elated. If you have followed this website for a long time, you may have already read this article of mine in which I basically begged Capcom to bring Rival Schools back. Yet, I had to ask one more boon of the developer who had just gifted me with a broad smile. I asked Itsuno-san if he ever gets a chance to make Rival Schools 3, to make sure that it gets fully localized for the west, without removing the school simulation aspect that was cut for the western release of the first two games. Again, his answer was encouraging.

“If we ever get that opportunity, that would be the goal.”

Of course, we shouldn’t take Itsuno-san’s word as a promise that a third chapter of the Rival Schools series is actually coming, as this kind of decision certainly doesn’t depend on him alone.

Yet, a man can dream. And tonight I’m going to dream of Kyoko Minazuki.