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Devil May Cry 5 Has Me Optimistic for the Series' Future

The return of the Devil May Cry series in the form of Devil May Cry 5 has been met with a variety of reactions, but let me tell you why I think it was good.

June 13, 2018

Devil May Cry 5 was announced on Sunday during the Microsoft E3 2018 Press Conference to zero surprise in its status as one of the worst-kept secrets of the gaming industry. We knew it was going to be coming soon; we just didn’t know when or what the game would look like.

Well, the fancy trailer released towards the end of the press conference answered both of those questions as we were introduced to the latest incarnation of the series, which features Devil May Cry 4 protagonist Nero returning to the spotlight alongside Dante and newcomer Nico.

The development team elected to take a somewhat photorealistic style that might have given some viewers flashbacks to the notorious DmC reboot, and though it looked great, there was definitely a lot of apprehension in the community and among fans.

People are right to feel a bit uneasy; though it was a decent character action game from a competent developer (Ninja Theory, which was also acquired by Microsoft at E3), DmC was not a very good Devil May Cry game—at least in my opinion—and fans just want to see the series given some real love. Oh, by the way, we’re going to be talking a lot about my opinion of what we saw during the trailer, in case that’s not clear yet. I’m pretty optimistic about Devil May Cry 5, but I know a lot of people have apprehensions or even downright disdain about what we’ve seen so far.

If you do have worries, I hope you’ll stick around and let me know your feelings in the comments (be gentle, I’m a sensitive soul) and that maybe this little editorial will help alleviate some of your fears. If you’re not worried, then good news! There’s a new Devil May Cry game coming out! Let’s nerd out about it!



All right, I’m going to start with the first thing: Nero’s the main protagonist. Dante’s going to be there for sure, but more in the capacity that he was in Devil May Cry 4 rather than as the main character. Personally, I’m fine with that; I was pretty certain Nero was going to be the protagonist of the newest game, and I’m fine with seeing him grow and change alongside Dante. Johnny Yong Bosch will be reprising his role, and I think he does a great job with the character.

Now, there’s sure to be people who would prefer Dante over Nero or maybe the mysterious third character on the cover of the game.



I get that. But, Dante will be there as a playable character, and from what we can see, the gameplay looks as stylish and explosive as ever.

We also can see from the trailer that Nero’s got a bit of a redesign, which is to be expected considering the generation gap and the updated graphics of the game. His demon arm looks to be replaced with a robotic one curtesy of his new partner, and though I liked his magical glowing blue arm plenty from DMC4, this looks fine too. It looks like he’s still got Red Queen complete with the big dumb engine he taped to the hilt, so rev up your engines (literally).

Nero, why.


Dante is also coming back, but we can’t really see too much of him. I’m sure he’ll be fine considering he looks to be more of his older Devil May Cry 4 self, which I enjoyed. It was nice to see Dante maturing a bit while still being his usual asshole self, and having him quite literally pass the torch…or sword onto a new generation made for some really good character interactions in DMC 4. I’m interested to see how he’s doing and how his relationship with Nero has changed, especially considering their relation to one another. I also hope that Lady and Trish will be making a comeback as well, as they usually get dragged into Dante’s many, many shenanigans; maybe even Vergil will show up.

At the beginning, we also see Nero and Nico in a van sporting the Devil May Cry logo on the side; now, I don’t know if that was merely a cool way to display the title card or if Nero actually now works for Dante, who, as we all know, is a respectable business owner and not a bum living on Coney Island. It’d be neat if Nero really did end up working for Dante after the events of Devil May Cry 4, but again, that’s all just speculation. More than anything, it’s probably just an artistic flair, but hey, a girl can dream!

It is indeed featuring Dante from the previous Devil May Cry games.


Nero drops the name Kyrie as well, so we can be sure she’s probably coming back. I enjoyed Kyrie a lot for being a significant departure from the usual Devil May Cry leading ladies; she’s innocent and virtuous, which plays well off of Nero’s protective personality, and despite her somewhat one-dimensional character, I’m interested in seeing what she’s been up to and how she’s handled the events of Devil May Cry 4.

There is also the matter of new character Nico; she serves as the sidekick to Nero, as female sidekicks are pretty traditional for the Devil May Cry series. Personally, Lady is probably my favorite in terms of design, and I don’t really love Nico from a design perspective right off the bat. She does have an interesting concept as Nero’s weapon designer and engineer, especially considering how she’s constantly telling Nero to pay her. Her personality probably fits with the leading ladies of Devil May Cry from what we’ve seen of her, but I’m not sure how she’ll be playing off of Nero. That’s definitely a wait-and-see factor for me.

She definitely steals this guy’s wallet.


Red Grave looks pretty good, as does the overall look of the polished graphics in the trailer. The music playing in the background is very much so not what I’d expect from Devil May Cry, but I still really dig it; there are tidbits of choral Latin lyrics in the background, and I love the lyrics “Pull my devil trigger.” If you want to check out the song, it’s called “Devil Trigger” by Casey Edwards feat. Ali Edwards, and it’s the first piece of music we get to hear from the new game. Also, look at that sick logo.



As for defining Nero and Dante’s personalities, I know there’s been some talk that people are worried about Nero’s characterization. Some people might be quick to say that Nero and Dante aren’t all that different, but they do have a lot of differences between them outside of just their age and experience. One of the best ways to see that is at the beginning of Devil May Cry 4 when Nero and Dante have a little fight; I thought that was a brilliant move to start the game off by defining who Nero is and why he’s different from Dante for new and old players alike.

Check it out below from Abhishek Shukla on YouTube:

Some people are worried that Nero seems too much like Dante in this trailer and, as a result, what will be Devil May Cry 5. To that, I can only say well, f*** man: we’ve only seen like three lines of dialogue from new Nero in this. Nero is cocky and smarmy like Dante, yes, but he also has a much more defined protector-personality and somewhat childish bullheadedness that Dante generally tends to lack.

Either due to his personality, conservative-raising environment, or his age, Nero is more human and more easily frustrated or enraged than his older counterpart, who rarely takes anything seriously. They’re both kinda assholes, but this is Devil May Cry: everyone is either trying to ham it up or just being a d*** all the time. It’s great!

The quips in the trailer were pretty standard fare for Nero, and I can definitely see some of his personality return in the short scene where he mentions Kyrie’s name—his desperation to protect her, in particular. Obviously, he’s a little bit older now than in Devil May Cry 4, so we can also say that he’s changed quite a bit as a result of growing up and…well, seeing everyone he’s grown up with get murdered super hard by the cult he once called family. I feel like we should talk about it more in this game, but we’re probably not going to.

Wait to process your trauma, Nero.


I look forward to seeing more from our crew of characters, including the eventual reveal of whoever that third playable character is and who is on the cover of the game alongside Dante and Nero. There was definitely some hyped screeching from me during the trailer, let me tell you. In fact, there’s a lot for fans of Devil May Cry to look forward to, though I don’t blame people who are being a bit cautious.

With this little editorial, I hope I’ve alleviated some fears of long-time fans of the series or helped those already hyped about the game to feel all the better about it*. I had my reservations too, especially in the split-second that I thought Nero was just DmC Dante and got really scared. But the more I think about it, the more interested I am to see what Devil May Cry 5 has to offer.

Devil May Cry 5 has a launch window of Spring 2019; it will also be releasing on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can also check out a batch of screenshots and get some more in-depth looks at the character’s right here.

*Quick Side Note: I watched a bunch of videos of Devil May Cry 4 to refresh myself while writing this, and man: that game was funny.

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