Devil May Cry 5's Free DLC "Bloody Palace" is Open For Business

Devil May Cry 5 gets free DLC called the "Bloody Palace", a 101-floor wave mode that will test your stylish skills with hordes of demons and devils.

Devil May Cry 5 was released by Capcom earlier this year to critical and commercial acclaim. And now the rich get richer as the franchise favorite endless wave mode “Bloody Palace” has been released for free today.

“Bloody Palace” has been a franchise staple since Devil May Cry 2. In DMC5‘s version of the Palace, you’re tasked climbing a 101-floor tower with either Nero, V, or Dante. The jog up the tower isn’t easy, as the game is constantly bombarding you with demons.

Further, the mode forces you to be quick and, as is always the case in DMC games, stylish. You start with two minutes on the clock and if that time runs out, your journey is over. Fortunately, you get extra time for really diving into that bombastic Devil May Cry 5 combat.

This mode has to get franchise fan’s blood pumping. It’s a hardcore addition that will more than challenge your mastery of DMC5‘s combat. If you’ve already ranked SSStylish throughout the campaign, this mode looks to be perfect for you and an engaging endgame mode for everyone else as well.

That said, some fans may be a little disappointed that this is it. There were rumors that the mode might come with a new playable character and some form of multiplayer. Neither of these is on offer yet. However, it’s not hard to see them being added in the next few weeks. The “Bloody Palace” seems like the perfect mode to at least have online leaderboards and seeing Virgil (the rumored roster addition) pop up would be great.

Devil May Cry 5 is available now on  PC,  PS4, and Xbox One. We gave it a 9/10 in our review. Check out the trailer for the “Bloody Palace” below. Or just go play it!

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