Dante’s Devil May Cry 5 Theme Gets New Vocalist Following Suicide Silence Controversy

Dante’s Devil May Cry 5 Theme Gets New Vocalist Following Suicide Silence Controversy

Dante's Devil May Cry 5 theme song "Subhuman" will now feature vocalist Micheal Barr following controversy surround Suicide Silence's Eddie Hermida.

Back in September, Capcom unveiled “Subhuman”, Dante’s theme in Devil May Cry 5. While the song itself was received well enough, it was subsequently pulled due to controversy surrounding featured vocalist Eddie Hermida. Today, almost three months after the song was pulled, Capcom announced on their official blog that “Subhuman” would still be Dante’s theme in Devil May Cry 5, but Michael Barr will now be the featured vocalist.

As for what the controversy that started all this is, the aforementioned vocalist Eddie Hermida was accused of “having an emotionally manipulative and sexually inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old fan” according to Kotaku. As soon as the song release, there was a noticeable backlash against Eddie Hermida’s inclusion. After pulling the song down, Capcom gave the following statement about the whole matter to Kotaku:

“The music was recorded for the game before the incident came to light and we were unaware of the incident until now. However, as we are now aware of the current situation, Capcom has decided that moving forward, we will not further highlight the Dante battle theme for promotional purposes at this time. We are also currently evaluating what options are possible for the full game at this point, which is dependent on various factors such as resources.”

Today, Capcom settled for what a probably the best possible option. According to the blog post, Capcom didn’t want to discredit the hard work of the rest of Suicide Silence and writers Cody Matthew Johnson and Mark Heylmun. For that reason, the song is being redone to still feature all of their work, just with Micheal Barr’s vocals in the place of Eddie Hermida’s. The game’s credits have have also appearance been updated in tandem with this announcement.

You can check out the original version of “Subhuman” below, courtesy of YouTube user BlackBelt Gaming, to get a better idea of what’s being changed. Devil May Cry 5 is currently poised to launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 8, 2019 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. There will supposedly be a new Devil May Cry 5 reveal at The Game Awards tonight as well, so stay tuned to DualShockers in order to find out what that announcement is.

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