Devil May Cry Board Game Adaptation Coming to Kickstarter this Spring

Devil May Cry Board Game Adaptation Coming to Kickstarter this Spring

Devil May Cry is getting its own board game adaption, Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace, thanks to Steamforged Games.

Devil May Cry 5 has been tearing up the sales charts since its release in March to critical acclaim. Series fans have yet another reason to rejoice following the news that Steamforged Games will be bringing the series to the board game world. The company will be running a Kickstarter campaign for the board game adaptation later this Spring.

The board game is focused solely on “The Bloody Palace” from the video games. Players will compete with each other to achieve the highest style rank. It’s hard to tell from the limited information available, but it looks like the game will use cards to mimic the heart-pounding combat seen in the digital version.

Players will take control of either Dante, Nero, Trish, or V in their quest to become the most stylish demon hunter.  However, most of these Kickstarters add more playable characters with their Stretch Goals, so don’t be surprised if others are added.

Steamforged Games has a solid track record of turning video game properties into wildly successful Kickstarter board games. Their campaigns for Horizon Zero Dawn and Resident Evil 2 both cleared a $1 million and their Dark Souls game brought in over $4 million.

The company is known for having high-quality miniatures in all their games. So, even if the gameplay isn’t your style you can rest assured that you’ll have something that looks great on a shelf. That said, their Dark Souls game did a good job of capturing the tough, sometimes soul-crushing, boss fights of the video game, so don’t be surprised if this Devil May Cry board game is a ton of fun to play.

Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace will launch on Kickstarter later this Spring.