Devil May Cry for Switch to be Released Only Digitally Through Nintendo eShop

Devil May Cry for Switch to be Released Only Digitally Through Nintendo eShop

Hopefully, you weren't wanting to buy a physical version of Devil May Cry once it comes to Switch.

Capcom announced earlier this week that it would be bringing the original Devil May Cry to the Nintendo Switch this summer. At the time, many details about this version of the game weren’t given but since then, some more info has started to come about.

Likely the biggest piece of info about this release of the game is that, mentioned on Capcom’s official website, Devil May Cry for Switch will only be released digitally. “This product is only available as a download. There are no plans to release a physical edition,” says the Devil May Cry website. This means that if you want to get the game this summer, you’ll have to go to the eShop and purchase it there.

Honestly, I think this move makes a lot of sense and I’m hoping that it leads to the game being much cheaper. Capcom also announced that it would be bringing Resident Evil 1 and 0 to Switch earlier this year and that collection is receiving a physical release. The only problem is that this collection in question is retailing for $59.99, which is staggering considering how old both games are. If releasing only as a digital title keeps Devil May Cry on the cheaper side of things, I’m all for it. And if you did want to buy a physical version of DMC for Switch once it released, well, I’m sorry about your luck.

We should hear more about Devil May Cry for Switch in the coming months as we get closer to its currently unannounced summer release date.