Devil May Cry For Switch Launches Next Week

Devil May Cry For Switch Launches Next Week

Capcom officially revealed the release date for the Switch port of Devil May Cry.

Capcom announced that Devil May Cry 1 on Switch will be launching on June 24 in America, June 25 in Europe, and June 27 in Japan. The Switch port of the original PS2 version was already officially confirmed by Capcom as only receiving a digital release.

Devil May Cry‘s Switch port was officially announced back in May. The release is aimed at those who never tried the original game of the series, and those who’d like to dive back on the go into the original Devil May Cry experience, which was initially supposed to be a Resident Evil game. This isn’t the first time Dante appears on a Nintendo console though, as he and other Devil May Cry characters appeared in both Project X Zone games on 3DS.

I personally think that needless to say, a full remake is asking for too much, but many would have at least preferred a remaster. Capcom isn’t new to this operation too, and we could’ve got something akin to Onimusha Warlords. The game is coming with a price tag of $19.99, so unless you really want to play it on Switch, getting the Devil May Cry HD Collection seems like a better, cheaper idea.

Devil May Cry on Switch will be 9.2 GB in size and can be preordered on the Nintendo Eshop.