Devil May Cry is Now Available Free on PC for Twitch Prime Members

Devil May Cry is Now Available Free on PC for Twitch Prime Members

Devil May Cry is now free for a limited time for Twitch Prime users to download, allowing players the chance to experience Dante's first adventure.

With the upcoming Devil May Cry HD Collection about to arrive for consoles and PC, a whole new generation of gamers (or those wanting to relive the games again) will get to experience Dante’s journey across three games, but those on Twitch Prime can experience the collection a week early thanks to Twitch Prime’s latest offer.

The original Devil May Cry is now available for free on PC for subscribers through Twitch Prime as a promo offer for the upcoming HD Collection next week. Those with an active Twitch Prime subscription (which is also available to those with an Amazon Prime subscription) can grab the game through the Twitch Desktop App and add the game to their library there, and is kept in the users’ library afterward.

Twitch and Capcom had announced the promo offer last month and originally planned for the first game to be available on February 27th, but technical difficulties on that date prompted Twitch to push the offer back a week. Luckily, the game is now available to Twitch Prime members for free without any issues, so now you can jump in to Dante’s first-ever adventure completely free.

Devil May Cry HD Collection will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 13th, 2018.