Devil Survivor 2 Character Designs Revealed, Let the Theorizing Begin

Atlus’ new site for Devil Survivor 2 features some art of the thirteen main characters of the game, though official details have only been revealed of three. The first character, pictured above, is the protagonist. He does bear a resemblance to the protagonist of the first Devil Survivor, what with the black hair and blue eyes; the only marked difference is the much brighter color scheme on his outfit.

For more details on the characters (as well as a few theories for those without official details), hit the jump. There are large anime boobs after it, so if that’s your thing, you should probably read on.


Io is a classmate of the protagonist, referred to as a “dream girl” by other classmates due to her “brains and beauty”. As our resident beauty measurer John Colaw says, it has nothing to do with her “head-sized breasts”. Seriously, those things are defying gravity. Aren’t breasts supposed to hang down? Must be a hell of a bra she’s wearing. I assume she’s going to be this game’s Yuzu (classmate, large breasts), though less of an idiot.

Daichi is a fellow classmate and friend of the protagonist. Yup, he’s definitely the Atsuro of this game. I expect lots of jokes with him and Io getting mad at each other.

No details on this guy or the rest of the cast so far, so I’ll just have to theorize here. Judging from his stereotypically evil appearance, I’m betting he’s gonna be the equivalent of Naoya. Cool threads though.

I’m betting on her being Izuna, what with the strong military face and shorter hair. She’s way, way hotter than Izuna though. I mean, look at that stern expression and latex suit thing. Damn.

Definitely the new Kaido, though he looks much less fierce and threatening. Just looks like a bancho putting up a front.

Haru, except now she’s a highschooler and a J-pop musician, though the only evidence to support her being a musician is the scarf with the notes and clefs on it. Either way, her design is pretty cute, better than most of the other female designs so far.

Check out this hot piece of sex. The combination of the pinstriped suit and hat is kind of douchey, but aside from that, it’s a good design. Reminds me of the gigolo from the first game, but this guy has a much better design and will apparently serve more of a purpose in the plot.

Uh… yeah. I think that speaks for itself.

These and the rest of the character designs can be viewed in the gallery below.

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