Devil Survivor: Overclock Coming to the 3DS

Devil Survivor: Overclock Coming to the 3DS


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor is a DS title that Atlus released to great critical success back in 2009, and now, in true SMT fashion, it’s being remade and enchanced for a re-released on Nintendo’s new handheld system, the 3DS.

The premise of Devil Survivor is pretty straight-forward if you haven’t already played the original – demons attack Tokyo, a barrier is formed within the affected parts of the city and you and your friends are trapped inside. Your goal is to figure out the cause behind these attacks and, eventually, stop it.

Twenty more demons are being added, as well as completely voice acted dialog, which wasn’t in the original. Famitsu, the source of this whole revelation today, points out that 20,000 lines of dialog are now fully voice acted. Of course, the visuals are upgraded to take advantage of the 3DS’s larger screen and higher resolution. The 3D capabilities of the system will be put to use, as well.

Naturally, no North American release for this is announced at this point, but I fully expect it, considering Atlus USA has brought over many remakes to SMT titles and others in the past. Hit the break for a bunch of new screens an artwork released through Famitsu‘s site today.