Devil’s Third Multiplayer Shutting Down; Also Gets a Price Drop

on June 24, 2016 11:13 AM

Nintendo has announced on their support site that Devil’s Third’s multiplayer mode will be shutting down on December 28, just over a year after the games launch.

Golden Eggs, which were priced between $4 and $20 and could be used to get various weapon enhancements and cosmetic items, will be discontinued on June 27 at 9AM PT.  Golden Eggs purchased before that date will not work once the multiplayer service shuts down.

Devil’s Third has also gotten a price drop from $60 to $30 on the Nintendo eShop.

Only the multiplayer will be affected by this, so the online features of the single player mode will still work after December 28.

Devil’s Third is out now for the Wii U.

 /  Staff Writer
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