Devolver Digital Reveals Hectic New Multiplayer Platformer Heave Ho

Devolver Digital Reveals Hectic New Multiplayer Platformer Heave Ho

Devolver Digital and Le Cartel Studio announce hectic physics-based, four-player platformer Heave Ho for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Le Cartel Studio announced a new physics-based, local multiplayer platformer called Heave Ho. You might remember Le Cartel Studio from their previous work on Mother Russia Bleeds. In Heave Ho, the studio looks to be tackling brand new territory.

The reveal trailer shows off a game that looks like a cross between Mount Your Friends and Super Meat Boy. Each player controls a little blob with two arms as they swing and climb across various obstacles. The goal is to get from one side of a ravine to the other. Without plummeting to your death, of course.

As up to four players are added, your options for handholds increases. You can grab a helping hand from a partner or use their dangling body to get across a gap. If there’s a particularly large chasm, you can just fling each other across with a blob whiplash.

Le Cartel Studio knows how important it is to be able to quickly differentiate yourself from your partners and has added a number of customization options. These are not detailed in the trailer, but it’s easy to see these accessories getting appropriately zany.

Devolver Digital continues to build one of the more varied and successful libraries of published indie games. They know what works and how to keep their catalog fresh. Heave Ho looks to be another quality addition to the Devolver Digital portfolio.

Heave Ho will be coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam in Summer 2019. Check out the reveal trailer below: