Devolver Digital is Having a Massive Sale on Steam This Weekend

Publisher Devolver Digital is having a gigantic sale on Steam from now through May 22.

on May 18, 2017 9:54 PM

From now through May 22, 2017, publishing giant Devolver Digital is having a sale through Steam. This weekend-long sale has some of their games going as much as 90% off.

The full list of games that are on sale is as follows:

  • The TALOS Principle: Gold Edition: $13.63
  • Strafe: $19.96
  • Enter the Dungeon: $7.49
  • Serious Sam: The Complete Pack: $11.09
  • Serious Sam VR Bundle: $67.47
  • Broforce: $3.74
  • Titan Souls: $3.74
  • Stories Untold: $7.49
  • Shadow WarriorShadow Warrior 2: $27.42
  • Breach and Clear: $14.99
  • Block ‘hood: $7.49
  • Reigns: $2.96
  • Spaceplan: $2.99
  • Always Sometimes Monsters: $2.49
  • Downwell: $1.49
  • Mother Russia Bleeds: $7.49
  • Okhlos: Omega: $6.49
  • Dropsy: $2.49
  • Golf for Workgroups:  $3.34
  • Luftrausers: $2.49
  • Hotline Miami 1 and 2: $7.99
  • Gods Will Be Watching: $2.49
  • Not a Hero: $3.24
  • Ronin: $3.24
  • NOCT: $2.49
  • A Fistful of Gun: $3.24
  • Heavy Bullets: $2.49
  • Genital Jousting: $3.74
  • Omnibus: $4.99
  • Hatoful Boyfriend: $6.37
  • Foul Play: $3.74
  • OlliOlli: $3.24
  • OlliOlli 2: $3.74

In other recent Devolver Digital news, the company announced that they would be having a press conference this year at E3 2017. Details regarding the date and time of the event have yet to be announced, but we will keep you posted as soon as they reveal more info.

Be sure to head over to Steam as soon as possible to take advantage of these offers because there are some seriously amazing deals. If you don’t buy the Hotline Miami 1 combo pack, then you’ll have let me down. Not only that, but Devolver claimed in a tweet earlier today that if they sell $20 million in games this weekend, they’ll make a kart racer. It almost surely won’t happen but still, buy, buy, buy!

If you’re interested, you can also check out the video below that Devolver Digital released to promote their offerings.

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