Devolver Digital is Publishing a New Super Nintendo Game With All Profits Going to Charity

Devolver Digital is Publishing a New Super Nintendo Game With All Profits Going to Charity

Fork Parker's Crunch Out is the newest title for the Super Nintendo with all money from the project being donated to aid mental health in the gaming community.

Indie publisher Devolver Digital has recently announced that they will be publishing a new Super Nintendo game with all profits from the game going to a good cause.

Fork Parker’s Crunch Out is the name of the game in question and it places you in the shoes of the world’s worst video game executive. The game is centered around players assuming the titular role of Fork Parker as he “motivates” his employees to hastily work on the company’s upcoming project. Much like the title suggests, Crunch Out forces you to make your employees crunch, which is a term in the video game industry used to describe developers who have to work long hours to meet production mile markers.

If it wasn’t apparent already, the subject of Fork Parker’s Crunch Out is satirical in nature and is instead being used as a way to help those working in the industry who have potentially had to deal with the stresses of real-life crunch. Devolver Digital has teamed up with the charity organization Take This to help give back to those in the industry affected by these practices. All profits that are made from sales for Fork Parker’s Crunch Out will be donated to Take This to raise awareness and aid those suffering from mental health issues.

Currently, you can head over to the Mega Cat Studios website to pre-order a copy of Fork Parker’s Crunch Out. Even if you have no intention of digging your old SNES out of the attic to play the game for yourself, this project is such a great idea to help combat and raise more awareness surrounding one of the gaming industry’s biggest problems. Props to Devolver Digital and Take This.