Diablo Bested On Inferno Mode Hardcore Just Before Blizzard Changed It

June 19, 2012

If you’ve played Diablo III you probably noticed that when you kill the final boss the game starts over, but in a harder difficulty setting. Well if you keep going and beating the game you’ll eventually get to Inferno mode, which is so hard Blizzard is actually releasing a patch today to make some changes. To make things even more insane, this person was playing Hardcore mode, which means if you die once, your character is deleted and you have to start over from the beginning.

One player named Kripparrian managed to take down Diablo with his Barbarian this morning on Hardcore Inferno with over 45,000 people watching and supporting his claim to be the first person to truly beat the game. Blizzard fired back however with a tweet from their Community Manager saying that he was not the first, only the first to be publicized apparently. Either way it’s pretty impressive, and especially with today’s nerfs to Inferno mode no one else will be able to claim quite as high an honor as this.

Miranda Quillen

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