Diablo Concept Art — All of The Best Pieces Released From the Vault

Diablo Concept Art — All of The Best Pieces Released From the Vault

This Diablo concept art gives fans an even better look at where the game came from. Check out all the art Blizzard has brought out of the Vault.

Blizzard is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary in the run-up to BlizzConline next week. Today, they’ve taken the celebration to the next level by opening up their content vaults to give fans an inside look at early concept art for its biggest games. Below, I’ve collected some of the Diablo concept art they’ve shared today. It provides an excellent look at the origins of the class series. Check it out.


This key art piece for Diablo 3 is just phenomenal. I’m usually more impressed with the older pieces of Diablo concept art, but I really love this one. It brings forth all of the character classes in the game, capturing them so perfectly. Sure, it makes the Crusader and Witch Doctor look a bit weak, but the Necromancer looks incredible.


Here, we get some earlier looks at the original games. The mood piece from Chris Metzen is pretty stunning. His art has always done such a great job of capturing the feeling of Diablo, even if the characters end up looking drastically different. And below that, we get a look at what the original characters would look like if the graphics engines of 1996 could keep up with the artists.

Personally, I really appreciate it when Blizzard opens its doors like this. It’s always fun to track the development of massive franchises like these. Hopefully, as we get closer to BlizzConline they drop even more Diablo concept art on us. Make sure to check back next week to see all the big announcements out of the event.