Diablo Creator Joins New Marvel MMO

Diablo Creator Joins New Marvel MMO

The news of the new Marvel MMO hiring a veteran like David Brevik is exciting news for me. It is great news on a few fronts, as I am a huge Marvel fan and a huge MMO player. I have played Marvel games back when they existed as a pen and paper game similar to the classic Dungeons & Dragons games. Hearing that this project existed was great news, but it was always a question if it would really become a reality since it was tabled a few times. This news of the Diablo veteran fills my heart with confidence that this game will be a reality and will be filled with greatness. Games like Champions and DC Universe Online will pave the way for the Marvel MMO, but I think the Marvel MMO will blow those away, especially with a Blizzard mind behind the wheel.

What do you think? Are you excited about the new Marvel MMO news or do you think that it will be too little too late?

The people behind the upcoming Marvel MMO, have hired Blizzard veteran David Brevik to run the game’s development studio.

Brevik – who not only helped found Blizzard North but also helped create the Diablo series – will take up the role of studio director at Gargantuan, the San Mateo-based crew currently working on Marvel Universe.

If you’re wondering why they hired a former Diablo guy, and not a former WoW guy, Brevik left Blizzard in 2003 to go work for Flagship (Hellgate), and when that went bust, Turbine (Lord of the Rings Online), so he knows his way around an MMO or two.

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  1. Wow. This is awesome news. You can only expect greatness from anyone who comes from the Blizzard team; especially a guy who’s worked on a title like Diablo. I can’t wait to see where it goes.