Diablo III: Eternal Collection Leaks for Nintendo Switch; Coming Later This Year with Zelda-Themed Cosmetics

Diablo III: Eternal Collection Leaks for Nintendo Switch; Coming Later This Year with Zelda-Themed Cosmetics

After several months of rumors, it appears that Diablo III will be making its way to Nintendo Switch later this year with some surprises in store.

Even since its release in 2012, Diablo III has still remained a hugely popular title across PC and consoles, and it seems as though that Nintendo Switch owners may be able to look forward to slaying demons with their friends later this year.

The apparent confirmation of Diablo III for Nintendo Switch has come by way of Forbes, as a recent (now removed) article was released giving details on a new version for the popular action RPG on Nintendo’s system.

According to the article, the new release is called Diablo III: Eternal Collection and is expected to arrive for the Nintendo Switch “later this year.” The Eternal Collection will include the base game from 2012 alongside its subsequent Reaper of Souls expansion, and will also also include the Rise of the Necromancer DLC that was released for the game last year. The collection in total will retail for $59.99 at release.

In addition to collecting the previously-released expansions and content, the Switch version will apparently include some additional new content through new cosmetics based around The Legend of Zelda. According to images in the initial article, one of those will include a new Ganondorf-themed character skin, while additional cosmetics detailed include a Cucoo pet, Echoes of the Mask wings, and a Triforce portrait banner/flag.

Forbes also detailed that Diablo III on Nintendo Switch will be playable by up to four players on the same Switch unit, while four players can also play together locally (without an internet connection) on four different Switch systems. Likewise, the game will also support the ability to play online (with the use of the Nintendo Switch Online service that debuts in September), and will also support cloud saves.

While no official confirmation on the game has come yet from either Blizzard or Activision, the prospects of Diablo III coming to the Switch have been rumored for quite some time, so it isn’t necessarily a huge surprise that the game may (finally) be on its way over to Nintendo’s system. Given that Blizzard also teased just last week that it has multiple projects in the works for the Diablo franchise, it could be expected that at least one of those projects was the apparent Switch version of Diablo III.

Stay tuned for official word of the game arriving on Switch, but for now, I’d say it’s more than likely we’ll be getting to return to the bowels of Hell later this year, on-the-go.