Diablo III Players Experience Game-Breaking Bug

on May 15, 2012 7:01 PM

It has become somewhat commonplace for games to be released with bugs and/or glitches that were able to slip through the long and arduous quality assurance process. Mass Effect 3’s face-code bug and the Grand Theft Auto IV glitch that many gamers claimed was bricking their Playstation 3s are examples of the wide range of severity of these bugs.

It appears that Diablo III was not immune to being released with some of its own game-breaking issues. Players have claimed that an ‘Error Code: 3006’ has prevented them from logging in to the game while others have claimed that the error has locked them out of their Battle.net account entirely. The bug is apparently activated during an exchange with a ‘Templar Follower’ during the earlier stages of the game.

Blizzard has taken the servers offline, “for urgent maintenance to address several issues that are impacting the game.” As of 6:30 PM EST, Blizzard reported that everything has been fixed, though players were urged to file bug reports and seek technical support should they encounter any additional issues.

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