Diablo III Rated 18+ in South Korea. The Endless Saga Ends.

Diablo III Rated 18+ in South Korea. The Endless Saga Ends.

If you follow this site , you probably know about the endless saga that saw Diablo III struggle to get a rating in South Korea.

While the average waiting time for rating in the Asian country is about 15 days, Diablo III took about a month and several delays due to concerns caused by the Auction House included in the game (and then removed for the Korean market), associated with gambling, a problem that the South Korean authorities take very seriously.

Luckily the endless saga has finally come to a happy ending today as the Game Rating Board finally certified the game for a 18+ rating (as you can see on the official GRB page), paving the way for the game to be released in Korea. Looks like Friday the 13th will be remembered as a lucky day at Blizzard, from now on.

This will possibly lay to rest the rumors about the worldwide release of Diablo III being hindered by the hold-up in the Korean market, or it might rekindle them depending on when Blizzard will actually announce the global release date.

One thing is for sure: whether the problem was real of just perceived, many Diablo fans all over the world will now rest easier, knowing that the obstacle has been cleared.

What happened behind the scenes at the Korean Game Rating Board will probably forever remain a mystery and this whole endless saga will soon be forgotten, unless you plan to tell the tale to your grandchildren to help them sleep: “Once upon a time a small Asian country made millions of gamers tremble. I was there”.