Diablo III Rating In Korea Delayed for the Third Time

Diablo III Rating In Korea Delayed for the Third Time

If you’re following the endless saga of the rating of Diablo III in South Korea, you were probably expecting a result by today. Or maybe, based on previous experience, you were expecting it not to happen at all.

In fact it didn’t happen. The decision by the local Game Rating Board about the controversial (at least in Korea) game by Blizzard was postponed, and the next meeting will happen on Friday the 6th, marking the third delay for the official certification of Diablo III in the extremely profitable Asian market. 

Officials of the Game Rating Board commented that at this point the final outcome of this troubled situation is still unknown.

Considering that the average waiting time for a game’s certification in South Korea is inferior to 15 days and Diablo III’s case has gone way over that timeframe, things seem to be taking a grim turn.

Will we be able to see a final decision by Friday? I guess all we can do is waiting for the next episode of the saga.