Diablo Lore Book Comin’

Diablo Lore Book Comin’

If there’s anyone in the realm of PC gaming that can instill gamers with a I’m-going-to-spooge-all-over-myself-because-I-can’t-wait-for-this-game-to-come-out mind-frame, it’s Blizzard. The behemoth PC developer is known for putting out games that do only one thing: kick ass. And with their upcoming Diablo III, fans are expecting nothing less. But with the new installment to the Diablo franchise, you can expect a bit more than an enchantress or a scoundrel owning the demonic brutes that congest the world of Sanctuary. It’s a book, folks. A book that covers the lore behind Diablo.

Already themed as the journal of Deckard Cain (the well-known adviser and magician from the previous Diablo games), the book will cover a lot of back-story for those of you who are a tad unaware of what’s going on in the Diablo universe. It’ll shed some light on the geezer Deckard Cain, and maybe touch on some previous heroes and important characters that infiltrated the world before this new adventure takes place. Little details have been revealed, but if it’s Blizzard, you can expect some fancy-shmancy artwork done by their talented team of designers.


Diablo III has yet to receive a release date. However, there is an external beta test in place for Q3 2011. Knowing Blizzard, they like to reserve announcements for BlizzCon. And knowing how Blizzard enjoys stuffing goodies inside Collector’s Editions of their products, I wouldn’t be surprised if this lore book becomes a collector’s item.

So far, the game looks orgasmic. Then again, what can you expect from Blizzard?