DICE Releases Large New Update for Battlefield 4

DICE Releases Large New Update for Battlefield 4

Electronic Arts and DICE have announced updates for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 versions of its troubled shooter, Battlefield 4.

According to DICE:

The update includes fixes with the aim to increase the general stability of the game, and eliminates bugs that you may have experienced.

One of those bugs addressed by the patch is that of the “kill trade” problem, in which two players that fire at each other frustratingly die at the same time. In addition, the patch promises to fix a lengthily list of issues, amongst them the crash that occurs during round transitions, server browser issues, and many other.

Since it’s release, Battlefield 4 has suffered from several issues. Hopefully this patch lets more of us enjoy this otherwise great game.

You can read the full list of improvements here.