The Excellent Dicey Dungeons Gets a Halloween-Themed Update

Fun duck-building roguelike Dicey Dungeons is getting a little bit bigger with this week's Halloween-themed update.

Last week, I decided to pick up Dicey Dungeons on a whim and I’ve had an absolute blast with it. Its unique take on deck-building with dice-based attacks is surprisingly captivating, and the roguelike structure keeps me playing for hours on end. I’m mad I missed out on this game at release as it’s already skyrocketed to become one of my favorite games of 2019. Dicey Dungeons is getting a little bit bigger today too as Terry Cavanaugh has released a Halloween-themed update.

This update gives Dicey Dungeons a new coat of paint for this spooky holiday. Levels now look significantly more fall-themed and some enemies, including Lady Luck, are even in cute little costumes. The game already had a great aesthetic, and this update looks like it is complimenting Dicey Dungeons’ style well. Content-wise, three new episodes have been added for the Warrior, Witch, and Inventor.

Three new enemies called Pumpkin Spice, Demon, and Mummy have been added in those episodes. Each of Dicey Dungeons’ enemies is quirky in their own right, so I’m looking forward to seeing how these new enemies act in-game. While this event is poised to run between today and November 4, those who own Dicey Dungeons will still be able to access it afterward. This is a pretty hefty update for this fun roguelike, and one I’m definitely looking forward to trying out for myself.

You can check out all of the screenshots for this new Halloween-themed update below. Dicey Dungeons is available now on PC.

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